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Amazing Spider-Man tie-in swings into view

Activision will be publishing the video game companion to Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man.

The title will launch alongside its big screen namesake in 2012. The movie is a reboot of the popular superhero series and is due to hit cinemas over the summer.

Activision’s The Amazing Spider-Man is being developed by Beenox and features an all-new storyline that follows on from the events of the film.

The studio is already well acquainted with the lycra-clad wall-crawler, having developed 2010 action title Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and this year’s Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

The only gameplay details released so far reveal The Amazing Spider-Man will be a free-roaming adventure set in and around Manhattan, and combat will center around a new Web Rush mechanic.

Consumers will get their first glimpse at the Spidey’s new adventure with a world exclusive trailer at the Spike TV Video Game Awards this Saturday.

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