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Developers can use cloud tech create 'high fidelity, graphically rich applications that run on a variety of devices'

Amazon readies new mobile game streaming service

AppStream is the name of a brand new streaming mobile games service that is on the way from online retailer Amazon.

It was revealed at the re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas today, TechCrunch reports.

Amazon says it allows developers to “build high-fidelity, graphically rich applications that run on a wide variety of devices, start instantly, and have access to all of the compute and storage resources of the AWS Cloud.”

It will also allow for the playing of advanced 3D games on mobile devices that would in other instances not be possible using limited mobile processors. As Amazon states “an application is not constrained by the compute power, storage, or graphical rendering capabilities of the device.”

Games will be able to use all of a device’s available inputs, too, such as touch or tilt, which will in turn be sent back to Amazon’s cloud servers.

AppStream will be based on what is described as “simple pay-as-you-go pricing”.

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