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Second iteration of development platform gets the greenlight

App Game Kit 2 races past Kickstarter goal

Mobile game engine App Game Kit 2 has raced past its £5,000 Kickstarter goal just two days after launching on the crowdfunding site.

So far 218 backers have pledged their support for the projects, donating £7,839 with 42 days still to go.

The development platform, built by The Game Creators, was recently named in our essential engines feature, and is designed to offer developers an easy and accessible cross-platform toolset for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and BlackBerry.

The tech uses a BASIC scripting system to help users ease into coding, and also offers an extensive library and the ability to code in C++. Other features include an Open GL based 2D sprite engine, a 3D command set, video playback and Box 2D collision detection.

With App Game Kit version 2, The Game Creators plans to add new features and effects such as sprite blending modes, shaders, full screen shaders and enhanced particle commands.

The Kickstarter campaign also features a number of stretch goals up to £45,000, which if achieved will add Ouya support, enhanced 2D animations, new 3D engine features such as support for animated objects and vertex data manipulation, 3D Physics using Bullet Physics and lastly Windows Phone 8 platform support.

The middleware outfit said it needed to raise funds through Kickstarter in order to complete its vision for the project, having already invested “significant amounts” into the engine.

It also warned that the implementation of a physics engine was an “unknown quantity at this time”, and would not know the performance levels of such a feature until it was implemented.

You can view more information on the official Kickstarter page.

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