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Apple is promoting SteelSeries Nimbus controller for Apple TV

The new Apple TV may not be offering the gaming dream that was expected, but a new controller intends to deliver console-style gaming to those who do invest.

The Bluetooth Nimbus controller from SteelSeries is not only being promoted on the Apple TV page, but Polygon reports that the device will be sold both on Apple’s website and in its retail stores.

The $49.95 RRP is pretty good as these things go, particularly as the specs look decent. It promises 40 hours of battery life, a Lightning connector for fast charging and pressure sensitive buttons.

It also comes with a companion app that aggregates compatible games and can update the controller’s firmware.

The new Apple TV was announced earlier this week. However, many argue that it hasn’t quite delivered on the gaming promise predicted by the press thanks to a number of limitations – chief of which is the 200MB app size limit.

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