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Arkham Universe amongst 15 Batman domains registered by Warner

There are four references to the name ‘Batman Arkham Universe’ in a new list of 15 domains registered by Warner Bros.

The obvious conclusion to draw from the names, which were reported by Fusible, is that Warner is on the cusp of announcing a new Batman title. And Arkham Universe would certainly follow the upscaling trend laid down by its predecessors Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

Other names mentioned include Batman Arkham Legends, Batman Arkham Dark Knight, Batman Arkham Arises, Batman Arkham Night, Batman Arkham Stories and Batman Arkham Begins.

Here’s the full list:

* arkhamuniverse.com
* batmanarkahmuniverse.com
* batmanarkhamarises.com
* batmanarkhambegins.com
* batmanarkhamdarkknight.com
* batmanarkhamknight.com
* batmanarkhamlegend.com
* batmanarkhamlegends.com
* batmanarkhamnight.com
* batmanarkhamorigins.com
* batmanarkhamstories.com
* darkknightarkham.com
* dcarkhamuniverse.com
* dcarkhamverse.com
* thearkhamuniverse.com

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