As Titanfall release nears, Battlefield 4 gets a price drop in India

All editions of Battlefield 4 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 will be available at Rs 2,499 for a limited period.

The Standard Edition was originally priced at Rs 3,499, with the Deluxe Edition earlier priced Rs 3,999. Retailers have suggested that the Rs 2,499 price will apply all through March.

Incidentally, a Battlefield franchise sale is currently underway on PSN, where you can get the digital PS3 version for Rs 1,899.

While a price drop is always welcome, you have to question the wisdom behind lowering the price of Battlefield 4 with the release of Titanfall – another EA multiplayer shooter – just around the corner.

With Titanfall now priced Rs 1,000 more than Battlefied 4, the move could well take sales away from Respawn’s new IP, which has received gowing previews following the open beta.

Titanfall releases on 14th March on PC and 28th March on Xbox 360 for Rs 3,499.

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