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AUSTRALIA: R18+ meeting delayed

Australia will continue to go without an R18+ age rating for video games after a meeting concerning the certificate was delayed.

In December Australia’s state attorney-generals agreed to draft guidelines for the introduction of an R18+ certificate for games by March 4th.

This date has now been delayed due to it clashing around the time of the New South Wales (NSW) state elections which take place on March 26th.

GameSpot reports that the NSW attorney-general John Hatzistergos will not be attending the March 4th meeting because of the proximity of the election.

As a decision on R18+ games can only be reached with all state, territory, and federal attorneys-general voting, the meeting has been delayed.

The next state attorney-general meeting is expected in June, claims VG247.

Australia’s highest age rating for video games is currently MA 15+. Unlike the UK, Australia does not have 18 certificate games which prevent those aged 17 or under from buying them.

A survey of 2,226 people showed that 80 percent support the introduction of an R18+ age rating for games.

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