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Barcelona star Gerard Piqué reveals football eSports project

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has announced his involvement in a football-related eSports project. Named efootball.pro, Piqué revealed the project on Twitter while asking for people who are passionate about football and eSports to “join us to create the future of football in eSports”.

Piqué had already discussed his intention to move into eSports back in February, although this is the first time he’s revealed any particular details about his plans. Any further concrete information about the project’s purpose is rather thin right now, although the website does list a number of vacancies they’re looking to fill that hint at its possible direction. Various roles are available in team management, content creation, business strategy and event planning.

Essentially, an intense passion for both football and video games seems to be the key requirement. One of the job listings asks: “Does the toughest dilemma of your life happen when your team plays a second leg match and your partner wants to celebrate your anniversary in a French restaurant?”

It would be safe to assume that FIFA or PES will play a significant role in whatever direction the project takes.

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