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Trial run for ambitious initiative to unite Android and Sony platforms

Beta begins for PlayStation Suite SDK

Sony has launched its PlayStation Suite SDK beta in the UK, US and Japan.

The developer trial of its new software will allow PlayStation developers to port content across Android based devices such as Sony’s own tablets, its Xperia Play smartphones, and the upcoming handheld PlayStation Vita.

The tech is part of a wider Sony initiative to find opportunities within the thriving tablet and social games space, which otherwise proven to be a threat to the established games hardware business.

Further on, the SDK will support PlayStation 3, and perhaps non-Sony devices based on Android. No dates have been revealed beyond the limited beta.

Earlier this month, SCE chairman Kaz Hirai said PlayStation Suite “isn’t an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family”.

More on the beta can be found here. Sony says the numbers of the participants “are limited”.

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