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Big RRP difference on Devil May Cry 4

February 8th can’t come soon enough for fans of Capcom’s successful hack ‘n’ slash (‘n’ shoot) action series Devil May Cry, but PS3 gamers face a costlier outlay than their Xbox 360 rivals.

The PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 looks set to retail for 49.99 in most High Street outlets, whilst the Xbox 360 version will be just 39.99.

reports that Capcom is stating that pricing is a matter for retailers and not something decided by the publisher. Higher prices for PS3 software is certainly not something reserved for this game, though.

Looking at the difference between the price of the PS3 version of The Orange Box and the Xbox 360 release of The Complete Lego Star Wars Saga, MCV’s latest High Street Price Check shows that retailers are far more likely to stick to full RRP for PS3 software.

Conversely, few Xbox 360 titles venture over the 39.99 price point nowadays.

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