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Muzyka and Zeschuk take on rapid-fire questions in a new Develop FAQ

BioWare duo on simpler days and longer load times

The latest Develop FAQ interview has gone live, with BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk both sharing the hot-seat.

In the interview – which you can read here – the EA duo reminisce on their younger, more innocent days of game development.

“The first game for me was working on Shattered Steel,” Zeschuk reveals. “In fact we both worked on it. Together we wrote all of that. We had written some incredibly long-winded stuff, like five-minute level introductions. I mean, what the fuck were we thinking?”

As well as nominating their favourite games of all time, the pair also took questions on what they enjoy about the industry, what they fell should change, and what their first experience with a video game was.

Muzyka also revealed his favourite game of all time is the original System Shock (pictured).

"It was awesome. I think I finished that game four times in ten years," he said.

"Our IT guys hate us for it, but we use a fan website with patches to make sure System Shock will work on our current gen laptops."

The FAQ can be found here.

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