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Black Ops censored

Publisher Square Enix has revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops, a title it is publishing in Japan, will see some of the violence featured in the Western release cut out.

More specifically, the game will omit the inclusion of any limbs being blown off characters, a feature that Japanese authorities deemed to be brutal and grotesque”, according to Kotaku.

The game has also been slapped with a CERO Z rating, which is the equivalent of either a BBFC 18 in the UK or AO (Adults Only) in the US. However, unlike in North America where an AO rating will see most retailers refusing to stock the game, Japanese stockists will still be selling the game.

The game is on track to receive an 18 Certificate form the BBFC n the UK, with the regulator’s head of communications Sue Clark stating that the game is at the lower end of the 18-and-over classification” bracket.

Square Enix has also confirmed that two versions of the game will be released – oen subtitled, the other dubbed.

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