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Blizzard ‘very very’ interested in Overwatch film or episodic series

Blizzard is ‘very, very’ interested in creating an Overwatch film or episodic series, according to Jeff Kaplan.

Kaplan spoke to Game Reactor at the Fun & Series Game Festival in Spain, and revealed that he was a fan of the idea: “These are things that we’re very, very interested in."

The idea surfaced in November when an executive for Activision Blizzard mentioned that the company was exploring the possibility of the idea, and Kapkan has furthered the excitement around the idea, talking about Blizzard’s story and franchise development department that is led by Jeff Chamberlain, who directed Overwatch’s announcement short.

"Jeff [Chamberlain] and his crew are the best partners we [could] possibly ask for, and they are always pushing us to explore the other mediums to tell the story of Overwatch and they partner very closely with us," said Kaplan.

"We make the animated shorts together, we make the comics together, and so we are consistently talking about what other things we could be doing. We know we can not do a lot of linear narrative within the game itself. It’s a six vs six PvP game, so we are very open-minded to exploring other areas."

But don’t expect to see anything rushed out of the door. “While we are super excited to explore other opportunities,” said Kaplan, “we are also very, very picky and very controlling when it comes to the franchise.”

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