Bloodborne PS4 console bundle confirmed for Europe

From Software’s Bloodborne will be getting the PS4 console bundle treatment in Europe.

A hardware SKU containing a black console, black controller and the game will arrive on March 27th alongside the release of the title itself.

Pre-orders don’t appear to be up anywhere as of yet, although a listing on Amazon Spain quietly appeared a couple of days ago.

Alongside the confirmation on the PlayStation Blog came a couple of other gameplay details, too. Firstly, the main adventure is apparently comparable in scope to any of the Souls games”, meaning the average player is probably looking at anything between 40-80 hours to complete the core game.

Bloodborne will also feature something called Chalice Dungeons. These procedurally generated levels can be accessed after obtaining various items” – the combination of which determines the layout of the level.

There’s a video explaining the whole thing here:

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