110% Gaming releases landmark 100th issue

110% Gaming, the UK’s most popular multi-platform gaming magazine for children, will release its 100th issue this week.

The kid friendly magazine has been running since October 2014, and will celebrate the big milestone issue on August 17, 2022. 110% Gaming has sold over two million copies and won multiple awards within the last eight years, including ‘Consumer Magazine of the Year’ at the 2021 Scottish PPA awards.

As part of the celebrations, Issue 100 will come packed in a Special Edition card box containing ‘a selection of 12 gaming goodies’ for readers to enjoy. It also includes special feature pages, where the 110% Gaming team will count down their list of the “Top 100 Greatest Gaming Heroes of All-Time”. 

“We’re incredibly proud to have reached this milestone. Our goal has always been to provide a magazine that children find fun, informative and up-to-the-minute.” said Sarah-Jane Crawford, Content Editor of 110% Gaming. “We’re always striving to celebrate and promote the positivity of children’s gaming, especially in terms of supporting imaginative development, positive mental health, storytelling, and creativity.”

“This is especially important, considering the difficult time children and families have endured in recent years. Knowing that kids are finding such enjoyment in 110% Gaming makes us very thankful. The fact that a print edition of a digital medium has done so well might sound surprising, but feedback from our readers shows that they love having the mag open to refer whilst playing their games, which makes so much sense!”

“As someone who launched this title as Editor back in 2014, I’m delighted that it continues to appeal to kids and their parents in the UK and beyond.” said Gareth Whelan, Head of Children’s Publishing. “Gaming has continued to grow in popularity since the launch and the magazine has evolved its content over the years to reflect the rising popularity of YouTubers and female gamers as well as the diversification of gaming platforms. There remains great potential to grow the brand further and I look forward to seeing how that growth develops as we move forward.”

If you’d like to subscribe to 110% Gaming, you can do it here on their official website. If you’d just like to purchase the latest issue, then we’d suggest you check your local corner shop or supermarkets’ magazines section.

Disclosure: Vince Pavey is a regular contributor to 110% Gaming, and has had writing included in 110% Gaming Issue #100.

About Vince Pavey

Vince is a writer from the North-East of England who has worked on comics for The Beano and Doctor Who. He likes to play video games and eat good food. Sometimes he does both at the same time, but he probably shouldn’t.

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