1m sales and counting for Homefront

Console shooter Homefront has passed the 1m unit sales barrier just over a week after its release.

The number takes into account sales in Europe, North America and Asia. In total 2.4 units have been shipped toss torso across the globe.

The game, which sees America come under occupation of a militant unified Korea, shot straight to the top of the UK charts upon its debut last week. It sold 375k units on its first day on sale in the US.

The early sales success has lead analyst Jesse Divnich to tell Gamasutra that he now believes the game will go on to sell 3m units in total. He also bemoaned the early reactions of investors who, upon the news of bad reviews for the game, helped THQ’s shares to a 25 per cent dip.

"As an industry—and this is specifically targeted towards analysts and investors — it is easy to become too reliant on a single metric, which may erroneously drive forecasts and/or investment decisions," he stated.

"In the case of Homefront, it is clear that the investment community did not take into account all the factors including the strong pre-orders and pre-release awareness that existed among consumers for the title. … The reality is that numerous factors exist that can impact the overall sales performance for a title."

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