Series S video leak

£249 Xbox Series S launch trailer leaks – coming with 512GB SSD on November 10th

More details are now appearing about the Xbox Series S that was announced this morning. With the full launch trailer leaking on Twitter in advance of the device’s broader unveiling that was promised to come soon. 

Coming from Twitter user WalkingCat, the trailer shows the new console in what is undoubtedly it’s full launch pomp, and leaves us to question whether Microsoft’s own tweet this morning was an attempt to pre-empt a leak it knew was coming. 

The trailer heavily pushes Xbox Game Pass as part of the console’s appeal, no huge surprise there, but it’s good to see just how much Xbox is keen to put its subscription service and the content therein at the very core of the new Xbox.

The trailer comes with new details on the upcoming next-gen console. We finally get the date for the Xbox Series launch confirmed, with the Series S coming on November 10th and the Series X likely to come with it we’d think. We were previously told (thanks to Xbox UK) a UK price, which is a very pleasing £249 given the pounds current trials and tribulations. At present the Series X price is rumoured to be $499, (which would translate to around £400-425 on that maths)

Also notable is that its storage capacity has been revealed to be 512GB, half that of the Xbox Series X. With game install sizes increasing rapidly, often over 100GB in some cases, this really isn’t a lot of space, as many current-gen owners have noticed. 

It will likely be expandable, though, as it’s on the Xbox Series X, and Microsoft’s much-touted Smart Delivery system should help to deliver a version for the Series S that maximises its capabilities without swamping its storage space with assets.  

Other specs are inline with what had long been rumoured, with the console concentrating on hitting a 2K (1440p) resolution, with 4K upscaling and the possibility of hitting 120fps for some games (though that’s likely to be mainly the One X’s party trick we feel). 

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