"27% of British mums would let their children play Grand Theft Auto V"

Y’know, there’s a reason why there’s a big red 18 on the front of the box.

A new survey has found that over a quarter – 27 per cent, in fact – of British mothers would let their children play Grand Theft Auto V despite its overtly adult content.

Interesting, just 23 per cent of mums answered yes when asked if they would allow their kids to play an unspecified 18-rated title. The power of the GTA brand, perhaps? Would we see the same result with Call of Duty?

Many of our users believe that banning their children from playing certain games would only make them want to play them even more,” Babies.co.uk MD James Macfarlane stated. They think that it is safer for their children to play these games under their own roof where they can keep an eye on them.”

ConsoleDeals.co.uk’s Phil Jones added: Some parents argue that mature video games are no worse than what their children see on television and in films.

Most parents would be shocked if they knew the level of violence in games like Grand Theft Auto. We would advise that parents always check the certificate rating and do some broader research before buying games for their children.”

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