2K Games and OXM run Borderlands 2 gold cover hunt

2K Games has teamed-up with Official Xbox Magazine for a special Borderlands 2 promotion.

The publisher is printing split-run collector editions covers of OXM, with Borderlands 2 characters appearing on the covers.

Ten special copies will feature ‘Claptrap Gold Vault Hunter’ cover, and will be distributed across the UK.

We want to turn gamers into ‘Vault Hunters’ and encourage them to get out and hunt the golden covers down,” explained 2K’s Ben Lawrence.

Those who successfully find a golden cover will win a HDTV and a signed copy of the game from Randy Pitchford.”

OXM editor Jon Hicks added: Gearbox couldn’t have been more helpful getting Claptrap involved, and told us plenty of new stuff about the game too.”

The special issues of Official Xbox Magazine will launch on August 8th.

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