2K teases new BioShock

Something BioShock this way comes.

At least, that’s what 2K UK has hinted with its latest tweet. Which featured the following image alongside the cryptic: "Oooo, what COULD this mean?!" The teases.

BioShock fans will recognise the Poseidon Plaza and Eve’s Garden as locations in Rapture, which was the primary setting for the first two BioShock titles.

Could it be some new DLC? The oft-talked about but never actually materialised BioShock Vita? Or the fourth game in the lucrative BioShock series? Maybe it’s a special level for 2K’s upcoming shooter Evolve?

Irrational Games, the creators of BioShock, was closed earlier this year by 2K, with BioShock mastermind Ken Levine departing to work on entirely new, smaller projects. Meanwhile 2K Marin, the studio that has worked on BioShock DLC and developed BioShock 2 has also closed.

So where is BioShock now? Looks like we might find out sooner than expected.

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