3 Blokes releases Galactic Allies, Facebook MMO

Brisbane-based developer 3 Blokes Studios has today released Galactic Allies, sequel to its Facebook MMO hit Galactic Trader.

In a twist for a Facebook title, it’s a story-drive game where players have a huge number of ‘core’ gaming abilities, as theyexplore the far reaches of the universe, collect and trade resources, build a fleet of ships and battle friends.

The team is aiming to bring Facebook gaming closer to the gaming they grew up with, using 3D rendered graphics, PvP battles and a huge degree of control over the individual units in this space RTS game.

George Fidler, VP and GM at 3 Blokes, said: "Galactic Alliesalters expectations for what a Facebook game can be. It’s a deep and compelling strategy game, but with the accessibility of a browser game."

3 Blokes was acquired by RockYou earlier this year, which has given the team the ability to focus on the games themselves and less on the server management and marketing side of things.

John Passfield, VP/Creative at 3 Blokes, told MCV: "It’s been great to be a part of RockYou, they’ve allowed us to focus on making a fun core game while encouraging us to push the boundaries of what a Facebook game can be."

Jonathan Knight, SVP of Games at RockYou, said: "Galactic Alliesis the first game to be launched from our 3 Blokes studio since we acquired them in July. We couldn’t be happier with the passion and creativity in the studio, and the result is something very special."

Galactic Allies is free to play, and can be found here.

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