34m US gamers average 22 hours of play per week – NPD

An estimated 34m individuals in the US average 22 hours of gaming each week, new research from NPD Group states.

Game Informer reports on the figure, which doesn’t take into account mobile gaming hours – though 66 per cent of those polled claimed to play mobile devices.

The survey also claims that nearly 70 per cent of those polled in the research company’s core gamer survey” play multiplayer games regularly or occasionally, and 74 per cent of those surveyed prefer physical media over digital – though that figure is down 5 per cent from 2013’s poll.

NPD polled 7,927 people in the US, age nine and above who play at least five hours per week on a PC or console and at least one traditional game – which include action, adventure, fighting, flight, MMO, racing, RTS, RPG, shooter, and sport genres.

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