360 global sales surpass original Xbox

Microsoft has told MCV that the Xbox 360 has now topped its predecessor’s installed base around the globe.

The company previously noted that it expected to achieve the feat at the end of this month – but it has now confirmed to MCV that 360 has already overtaken the original Xbox’s total sales of 25 million.

VP of interactive entertainment business for EMEA Chris Lewis told MCV:

We’ve already surpassed the installed base of the original Xbox – which is a really significant milestone. We’ve been blown away by the appetite of people to consumer digital entertainment experiences."

As reported last week, a combination of blanket Q4 marketing and September’s price cut have given Xbox 360 a huge sales boost – prompting Microsoft to claim victory over PS3 in European territories as it announced 360 reaching seven million sales in EMEA.

Lewis added:

We’re at a price point that is uniquely placed – not least of which because we’re in somewhat of a challenging economic time. Ever since we dropped the price seven weeks ago, we’ve outstripped PS3 on a weekly run rate in all the territories we care about in EMEA – specifically the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Russia.”

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