360 most played console online

Xbox 360 owners spend more time playing online than PS3 and Wii players, research has revealed.

54 per cent of Xbox 360 gamers play video games online, compared to 46 per cent of PS3 players and 27 per cent of Wii owners.

A survey from research firm Nielsen also shows that 27 per cent of PS3 owners use their console for internet browsing, compared to 20 per cent of those who own either an Xbox 360 or Wii, Gamasutra reports.

In terms of time spent on different activities, Xbox 360 players spend 62 per cent of their console time playing games, 27 per cent of their time watching DVDs, video-on-demand or downloaded movies, with the remaining 11 per cent of the time spent listening to the music or surfing the internet.

In contrast, PS3 owners spend 49 per cent of their time playing games and 38 per cent watching films and other videos. 13 per cent of their time goes into internet and music.

Wii owners spend more time playing games – at 69 per cent – with 20 per cent of their console time spent watching videos online and 11 per cent spent listening to music and browsing the internet.

In a statement Nielsen said: Compared to the other two consoles, the bulk of time on the Wii is in the form of offline gaming, but the system trails in use for online play. This may reflect the lesser emphasis on online applications and gameplay for the Wii in general.

In terms of streaming, Netflix was introduced this year for the Wii, but its lead in share is likely a function of the fewer hours per user that is being divided up. Overall, the Wii is most defined by its use for traditional offline gaming.”

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