360 Rock Band 2 exclusivity for just one month?

Microsoft was coy about its Rock Band 2 exclusivity deal when it was unveiled at E3 recently – but now it seems that its agreed deal to see the game locked out from PS3 could last for just one month.

Eagle-eyed Spong has noticed that a handful of North American retailers, including the likes of EB, GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon, have listed the release date for the PS3 as November 23rd – just a month after the October 19th release date.

Of course, retailer listings are notoriously unreliable – but the number of outlets picking these dates does make it more noteworthy, even if the PS3 date is a Sunday and not the usual North American Tuesday.

Bare in mind though that this is all US news – the PS3 version of Rock Band is yet to see the light of day at UK retailers, so we should not expect the North American situation to reflect the European plan.

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