38 Studios collapse still plaguing Rhode Island

The sudden and unexpected falling apart of 38 Studios put the state of Rhode Island in a crisis they’ve yet to resolve.

The MMO studio infamously shut down earlier this year, leaving millions in unpaid loans squarely on the shoulders of the state. Governor Lincoln Chafee, who’s been in the thick of it since the whole mess started, affirmed the situation hasn’t improved from its crisis status it held months ago.

"38 Studios was and remains an economic development crisis for the state of Rhode Island," Chafee said in a statement (via Reuters). "I will continue to digest the report over the coming weeks as my administration works to put in place the best structure for sustained and long-term business growth."

Chafee is considering a plan to restructure the state’s current system that would allow the creation of a new agency ‘to oversee broader economic policy and development.’

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