3D FIFA not that far off

You may be able to watch the World Cup in 3D, but FIFA fans will just have to settle with the standard two dimensions – for now.

EA Sports has been experimenting with 3D, as MCV revealed last week, and line producer David Rutter has admitted that a 3D version of the sports game IS coming – though not in time for FIFA 11.

We spent a lot of time looking at the technology and it’s not the easiest thing to put in,” said line producer David Rutter.

We have a lot of camera cuts and a lot of camera movement which makes it quite challenging. We’ve looked at it, but as far as I’m concerned we’ve got other things that we need to get done, but it’s not that for off for us.”

Creative director Gary Paterson, however, is more sceptical about the technology’s viability: I’m not sure 3D would work. Because we are so far it doesn’t work. I can see how it works with first person shooters and all that. I’m not convinced it is right for FIFA.”

EA Sports president Peter Moore told MCV last week: I saw Madden in 3D, and there were some very cool cuts, but when the camera moved up high, you couldn’t tell so much, it wasn’t adding value to the experience.

"You’ve got to have different camera angles, you’ve got to get lower, you’ve got to have depth of field to actually see it.”

FIFA 11 will arrive in October and boasts a new animation system and passing controls.

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