3D games more compelling than movies

With the likes of the 3D-ready Killzone 3 (and the predicted 3D revamp of Gran Turismo 5) expected to feature big at next month’s E3, Sony has admitted that the market for 3D games is tiny – for the time being.

I think this year the actual size of the 3D market is relatively small because we’re right at the beginning of the lifecycle,” SCE UK sales director told MCV. Ultimately it will be dependent on the number of 3D TVs that are sold and how quickly they are sold.

But this year it’s really a great tech story for us. It’s another capability that PS3 has and we’re adding it free of charge. From our perspective that’s a key message.

We’ve seen this in action and I must admit that I think 3D gaming is much more compelling than 3D movies because once you’ve experienced a game in 3D you’ll want to buy a 3D TV. It certainly converted me. It’s much more compelling.”

PR boss David Wilson added that while 3D movies could arguably be seen as nothing other than a novelty, in gaming there are practical advantages in using the new types of display.

MotorStorm is one of the titles mentioned in our Bravia offer,” he explained. If you’re a gamer playing a driving game you want to be in the driving seat, you don’t want that cheaty third person view where you can see the corner coming way ahead.

But when you’re in the cockpit it’s often quite hard to judge that corner. Take F1, as an example. You’re very low to the ground on a flat circuit – it’s hard to see where the world goes. 3D changes that. Here I am, here’s the end of the car, here’s the end of the road.

That improves the experience and, donning my Tomorrow’s World hat, shows where it might go in the future in terms of when people actually start making games for 3D as opposed to adapting existing titles.”

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