3DS can make more expert gamers

High development costs and a software line-up that seems geared to the core games market – on the face of it the 3DS doesn’t seem to be picking up where the mass-market DS is leaving off.

But Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has stated that he hopes the 3DS can help make more serious gamers from the new casual players it introduced to gaming through its current handheld.

It seems unlikely that people who are casual gamers will forever remain casual gamers, just as I think it is incorrect to assume that people are born core gamers,” he explained in an investor Q&A. I think that everyone starts off at some point as a casual or a novice gamer and then becomes an expert gamer.

As Reggie described at E3 by using the term ‘bridge game’ there are products that we believe are very important as it can be enjoyed by both casual and core gamers together. By experiencing those types of products together, they will help bridge the gap in understanding between those two different groups.

On the other hand, I would say you do have a somewhat accurate view that what we have shown and announced here at E3 this year was geared more towards the traditional Nintendo audience. What we’ve shown this year at E3 reflects somewhat of an adjustment based on the experiences of last year and the year before to have our presentation focused on information which would be well accepted by the audience.

"Therefore, some analysts may have felt that the level of uniqueness in other genres was not enough, but we would like to address those in another opportunity.”

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