3DS games dominate Japanese Top Ten

Sales of Nintendo’s handheld continue to grow in Japan as the console takes hold of the Top Ten, according to Japanese sales data from Famitsu.

Of the Top Ten games for the week ending May 11th, seven are for 3DS. The total number of 3DS consoles sold jumped by 4,000 units this week to 40,068.

This is a slower increase than the past few weeks, but sales of Nintendo’s handheld are well ahead of PlayStation Vita, which sold a combined total of 17,888 this week.

The Wii U is closing on PlayStation 3, however. Last week the sales gap between the two consoles was 1,700 units – this week it was a mere 34 units.

Same as last week, RPG title Yokai Watch is No.1 ahead of Mario Golf: World Tour. There were no new titles in the charts, this week

Pokmon X and Y are back in the Top Ten at No.9, likely as a result of the announcement of remakes of Pokmon Ruby and Sapphire during the last week.

Here are the hardware numbers:

1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 33,994
2. PS Vita – 16,890
3. PS4 – 8,680
4. PS3– 8,099
5. Wii U – 8,065
6. Nintendo 3DS –6,074
7. PSP – 1,609
8. PS Vita TV – 998
9. Xbox 360 – 198
10. Wii – 108

And here’s the Top Ten games:

1.Youkai Watch (Level 5) 3DS– 58,988
2.Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo) 3DS – 24,086
3.Mario Party: Island Tour (Nintendo) 3DS – 17,944
4.Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Bandai Namco) Vita – 13,589
5.Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Square Enix) 3DS – 12,002
6.Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo) 3DS – 9,556
7.Puzzle & Dragons Z (GungHo Online) 3DS – 7,339
8.Wii Party U (Nintendo) Wii U – 6,607
9.Pokmon XY (Pokmon) 3DS – 6,371
10.New Super Mario Bro U (Nintendo) Wii U – 6,334

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