3DS: No stock shock this time

Phenomenal pre-order demand means Nintendo will have to bring more 3DS stock to the UK than it did for day one of the Wii launch.

MCV understands the format holder is beefing up manufacturing and replenishment plans to ensure it doesn’t face retail-worrying shortages.

Pre-orders are already outpacing Wii’s total number of advance orders, retail sources tell us. In fact, momentum is such that stores are expecting total UK pre-orders to surpass the Wii.

Impressive, given stores weren’t taking deposits until last week, and the handheld isn’t due for another two months on March 25th.

At a European showcase last week it was confirmed 30 games will hit in the three months following launch – around 10 from day one. Stores are pricing the handheld at 219-229.

Now a number of outlets are looking at how they can up the ante to secure even more pre-orders – and claim their share of the first batch of hardware.

3DS is the most amazing bit of technology that will help take gaming to a new level,” HMV CEO Simon Fox told MCV.

Its 3D features blew me away, and I’m sure it will prove one of the biggest global launches ever, which we really look forward to supporting.”

Asda’s Andrew Thompson added: It will be the hottest property this year. I think we’ll see demand outstrip supply, which is a good thing for the industry.”

But even if the 3DS faces a sell out, a new wave of stock won’t be far behind, unlike the 2007 Wii shortages.

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