3DS passes PS3’s lifetime sales in Japan

And you thought Nintendo’s handheld wasn’t popular?

The latest charts data from Media Create shows that in just two years sales of Nintendo’s 3DS have already passed the lifetime sales of Sony’s six year old PS3.

PS3’s lifetime Japanese sales stand at 8.7m. Last week 3DS sold 211k units, taking its lifetime sales to 8.8m.

By comparison, lifetime Wii sales stand at 12.6m and PSP sales at 19.5m. Looking further back, DS sales hit 32.9m and PS2 sales 21.8m. Xbox 360’s lifetime sales stand at just 1.61m.

Vita, meanwhile, has only recently crept past the 1m sales barrier, with lifetime sales currently standing just below 1.1m. Wii U enjoyed week one sales of 308,142 units.

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