$400 PS4 "puts no pressure" on Wii U, Fils-Aime believes

The impending arrival of the next generation of consoles poses not threat to Nintendo. Wii U, the company’s American boss has argued.

Asked specifically about the impact the $400/349 PS4 may have on the already struggling Wii U, Reggie Fils-Aime told Kotaku: "It puts no pressure on us at all.

"Sony and Microsoft are going to do what they’re going to do. My bet is that there are going to be more announcements the closer we get to whatever their launch date is.

"From my perspective, I can’t focus on that. I have to focus on how we satisfy the needs of all of the consumers out there with Nintendo products? How do we make sure they understand our proposition? How do we make sure they’re excited about the software that we offer? And from that standpoint we’re going to let our competition do what they’re going to do."

Speaking of the Wii U’s stuttering start on the world market, Fils-Aime concedes that Nintendo should have supported the system with a better software line-up at launch – with two titles in particular the most missed.

"I would say the big difference in the Wii launch vs the Wii U launch is that, at the [Wii] launch we had a fantastic game in Wii Sports that really helped people understand the magic of the Wii Remote, and we had Zelda,” he added.

We had Zelda there at the launch to satisfy the more active player and when you look at what we had at the launch for Wii U, yes we had a Mario game – a fantastic Mario game that has a very strong attach rate to the hardware – but there wasn’t as many opportunities for the more active player to really get behind the system."

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