45% of DC Universe players use PS3

Despite the fact that most gamers play MMOs on a PC, almost half of all DC Universe Online owners play it on a PS3.

The Sony MMO – which hit shelves last month – is available on both PC and PS3. And 45 per cent of users play it on PS3 while 55 per cent own the PC version.

PS3 gamers tend to play more overall,” DC Universe Online game designer Chris Cao told Kotaku. But their session lengths are shorter.

The average PS3 session is one to one and a half hours – maybe two hours. The typical PC session is usually two to three hours.”

Cao also revealed that there is plenty of DLC lined up for DC Universe.

He added: We want to add more stuff to the game on a monthly basis. We want to add stuff that people want and we have a robust series of metrics to measure that.”

DC Universe Online went on sale last month on PS3 and PC.

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