5 things that won’t happen in 2011

1. Publishers to stop moaning about second-hand
Publishers have whined and whined about the evil that is pre-owned. They’ve even risked pissing off gamers with second user charges. What has retail done? Dedicated more space to it in-store. Get over it.

2. Tax breaks
Look, let’s get this straight: it’s not happening. But do expect plenty of chest beating, self-righteous moaning and political flip-flopping as it remains a key point of discussion amongst the trade.

3. Console In-game advertising becomes a significant revenue driver

Sure, a bit of in-game advertising might be good for a couple of quid. But it hasn’t come close to being a significant revenue stream, and it won’t be this year either.

4. Total media credibility for video games
The bigger games become the bigger the target. And you can expect the usual ignorant mud-slinging from the likes of Panorama, Alan Titchmarsh and The Daily Mail this year.

5. UK learns to cope with a bit of snow
The mere threat of snow will always result in cancelled trains, delayed flights, closed shops and no deliveries. It’s the British way.

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