50% of Xbox One owners have played Forza 5

Microsoft’s Xbox One launch title Forza 5 has won itself a very impressive attach rate.

I was humbled and flabbergasted when I learned that one out of every two Xbox One player profiles had played the full version of Forza Motorsport 5,” Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt told IGN.

That is ridiculous, for any game. Certainly racing games have not usually seen that amount of adoption.”

Even though it’s been six months you might think we have conclusive data. It’s not. We’re just seeing an ever-evolving community of people as more people are adopting the Xbox One and playing Forza Motorsport 5. So I can’t yet say what the results of it are, outside of this attach rate is still incredibly huge and right now, this week, there are over a million people playing in the Forza universe. This week.

Greenawalt also explained that the data acquired by the team suggests a division between the European and American player base.

The difference in Europe has been stark,” he added. Specifically with the pipeline coming from Forza 5. There is a hardcore player in Europe that represents a larger percentage of the population than it does in North America. So looking for options like simulation damage, looking for great wheel options.

I think there’s a motorsport culture, especially in Southern Europe, that simply is just different to North America.” We’re just getting to a diversity of audience that it’s simply impossible that any one forum goer could represent that.”

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