5000 copies of Autonauts vs Piratebots to be given to UK educational bodies

Curve Games and Denki have offered 5000 copies of Autonauts vs PirateBots to educators in the UK at no cost, on a first-come, first-served basis with the Autonauts Codes for Education (or ACE) initiative.

Autonauts vs PirateBots is a family-friendly base-building game and settlement management sim that also educates players in the basics of programming through a ‘show-and-tell’ Scratch-style coding system. Players will learn to automate agriculture and industry as the game progresses using what they have learned.

“Autonauts vs PirateBots is a game for everyone, but it also doubles up as a learning tool. Teachers have contacted Denki to let us know that they are using the original Autonauts to teach students the logic behind coding, especially as it encourages creativity and discussion with other players. It may look simple on the surface but there are tons of programming challenges disguised beneath this infectious sim, which is why we’ve decided to gift 5000 copies to schools, colleges and universities across the UK.” said Gary Penn, Head of Development at Denki. 

Educators can claim up to 30 copies of the game on Steam for their students. If you’re an educator and you’d like to apply for codes, you can do so here with your professional email address and a photo ID. 

If you’re not an educator and would just like to play the game, it can be purchased on Steam from July 28, 2022.

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