505 Games to bring Kickstarted shooter Takedown to market

The developers of Kickstarter-backed tactical shooter Takedown: Red Sabre have struck a deal with publisher 505 Games.

The game is being made by former Ghost Recon creative director Christian Allen at his studio Serellan and is being very much pitched as a successor to the likes of Rainbow Six and SWAT. Gameplay is tactics-focused and looks to recreate the strategies employed by real-life SWAT teams.

Running and gunning this is not.

Takedown: Red Sabre is a community project, one of the latest to be born out of Kickstarter, and the team at Serellan have already garnered a significant following,” 505 Games’ head of global brand Tim Woodley stated.

Our role in this partnership is to preserve and encourage the team’s direct dialogue with the community while ensuring we leverage our global presence to grow the audience, amplify the buzz and maximise the potential we and the community of early evangelists believe that Takedown: Red Sabre has.”

The game is due out on unspecified multiple platforms in 2013.

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