64% prefer discs to digital

New research claims that consumers consider physical product to be more important in games than in newspapers, films or music.

A survey of over 1,000 people by research firm Ipsos MediaCT found that 64 per cent preferred physical discs for their games over digital copies.

Newspapers followed closely with 63 per cent opting for hard copies. Conversely music and film were considerably lower, with a respective 45 and 51 per cent shunning digital.

I believe the preference for physical discs amongst next gen gamers reflects the potential value they derive from the pre-owned market, which is holding up the preference for physical – this is unlike the music and film markets,” said Ipsos MediaCT director Ian Bramley.

Physical games discs have a long and well-established history, which is a deep mindset to change – particularly when gamers build a physical collection as they fear losing digital versions. And in-store browsing is also important to buyers.”

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