8-Bit Armies, Invaders and Hordes: ‘Cross-title’ console play is a clever new way to attract console RTS fans

Cross-play titles have been a big topic of discussion in recent months, but Soedesco has announced what may be the first cross-title console games with by revealing that PC RTS titles 8-bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders are coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

The two titles join 8-Bit Armies, which is already available for pre-order. The neat trick being that the three titles, despite being sold separately, are all interoperable in terms of multiplayer, allowing players to clash contemporary military forces against fantastical beasts or exterrestrial UFOs.

Gameplay possibilities aside, it’s an interesting twist on the usual way of selling additional content for a game. Developer Petroglyph and publisher Soedesco could have opted for a more traditional core game and additional content model, but instead sell all three titles for the same price (on Steam at least) prices are yet to be confirmed for console versions.

It certainly provides fans of any one title a good reason to try and buy the others, and even without buying them they can also play friends with the other titles, giving them a taster of the other games first. Each game comes with its own single-player missions and campaign of course.

Soedesco will also be showing at Gamescom: Truck Driver, the first trucking game available on console and PC will be publicly playable for the first time; PS4 fighting game Omen of Sorrow; console survival horror title Monstrum; PS4 helicopter combat flight simulator Air Missions: HIND. Plus two new titles on Switch and a couple of other new console games as well.

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