80GB PS3 arrives early in UK

Sony has told MCV that the introduction of its new 80GB PS3 will rapidly push up demand for the console – as it brings the launch date forward a week to this Friday (August 22nd).

Following its flurry of announcements at the Leipzig Game Convention last night, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire told MCV that the platform holder is very confident in its new SKU – as it goes head-to-head with Microsoft’s 120GB 360 Elite and newly launched 60GB Xbox 360 Pro.

Maguire said that PS3’s easily removable” hard drive sets it apart from its competitor, and claimed that PS3’s downloadable content is second-to-none.

Our operations department in Japan managed to deliver the 80GB PS3 a week earlier than was originally anticipated in order to maximise the Bank Holiday weekend,” Maguire told MCV. In terms of demand, we expect this to increase.

Currently we have titles ranging from the Pixel Junk series and Siren Blood Curse, to Gran Turismo Prologue and Warhawk all available within the PlayStation Store – and looking ahead we have much to look forward to, with releases such as Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty and SOCOM Confrontation amongst others.

Similarly, many of our upcoming Blu-Ray releases feature DLC and, with the importance of such content increasing with the releases of games such as LittleBigPlanet, we wanted to give consumers more hard drive space.

Of course, for the hardcore users who need even more space, we are still very proud to offer the only gaming console with an easily removable hard drive – giving consumers the option to upgrade their memory as and when needed.”

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