A Eurovision for games! Introducing the Europlay Games Contest

A handful of European industry trade associations has gathered together to run the first EuroPlay Games Contest, a kind of Eurovision for indie games, which will take place on August 28th during the all-digital Gamescom.

This is definitely one of those ‘why didn’t someone think of this before’ situations.

Involved presently are Ukie (United Kingdom), FLEGA (Flemish) GDACZ, (Czechia), GIC (Poland), RGDA (Romania), SGA (Serbia), IGEA (Australia) and the Latvian game association. Although more are welcome to get involved.

The games will feature in a live showcase on Twitch, hosted by Mr Midas. As with Eurovisions, the featured finalists will be selected by their national association or trade body. With games hen showing a short trailer at the finals, with the winner chosen by popular vote on Twitter.

The UK’s entry will be selected by Ukie’s annual UK Game of the Show competition, which MCV/DEVELOP usually judges, but this year will also be judged by public vote, this will happen on Monday 24 August.

During the EuroPlay contest, finalists will have the opportunity to speak to journalists, publishers and influencers to promote their game via video chat.

“We’re really excited to throw the UK Game of the Show contest open to the world on Twitch,” said Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie. “This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the amazing creativity of UK game developers and give unreleased games a valuable moment in the spotlight.”

“Indie games are the heartbeat of this industry, an incredible hub for devs to flex their creative muscles! I’m beyond excited and honoured to be hosting the EuroPlay Contest,” commented Mr Midas.

Trade associations or national developer groups interested in participating in EuroPlay can contact Sam Collins at sam@ukie.org.uk.

UK developers wishing to enter the UK Game of the Show must show their interest in entering by emailing Leon Cliff at leon@ukie.org.uk by Friday 10th July.

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