A NES Classic controller extension lead is in the works

The NES Classic arrives in the UK tomorrow, but for some buyers one accessory is going to be an absolute must.

The console has been getting rave reviews, but one criticism that keeps cropping up is the length of the controller leads – or the lack of length, more specifically, as they’re only 30 inches long. Users face the prospect of sitting just feet away from their TVs, which for owners of larger sets in particular could be a real problem.

Siliconera reports that Hyperkin is wise to this issue, however, and is releasing two possible solutions to the problem.

The first is a controller extension cord that adds an additional six feet to the cord. It will only cost $7.99 in the US, too.

Also coming is an adapter that will allow players to use original NES controllers with the new machine. It’s compatible with the Wii and Wii U, too, allowing NES games on Virtual Console to played with the original hardware. That will retail for $9.99.


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