“A UK games industry gathering feels long overdue” – CCP London on why it’s a Founder of our IRL event in September

Yesterday we launched tickets for our September comeback industry event – IRL. Planning such an event hasn’t been easy, but it wouldn’t have been possible at all without the support of key partners, who have supported the event from the very beginning – with CCP Games’ London studio being one of our two Founder partners. 

The studio was keen to get involved early on, and matched our enthusiasm for such an event, while also being aware of the careful approach needed to execute it successfully. 

After all, let’s be frank, the pandemic clearly isn’t over yet, but by mid-September, the vast majority of the UK games industry would have had an opportunity to be fully vaccinated, and so an event such as this can be a reality.

CCP’s Adrian Blunt, studio director, told us:

“A UK games industry gathering feels long overdue, which is why CCP Games’ London studio is thrilled to sponsor MCV/DEVELOP IRL. As relative newcomers in London’s game dev landscape, we’re keen to do our bit in rejuvenating the industry’s social scene now we can all get together again.”

CCP’s London studio is working on a yet unannounced project, but has been growing its headcount throughout the pandemic. As we discussed with Blunt earlier this year.

Looking forward to the event, as well the opportunity to talk to some actual people, there will be entertainment, food, and awards – there’s plenty going on at IRL. “We’re proud to help publicly recognise some of the individuals who have made big, positive and important contributions over these challenging past 18 months, both to their teams and more broadly to society,” said Blunt. 

“We’re looking forward to catching up not just with our own colleagues – some of whom we may only have seen through a Zoom window – but fellow professionals across the industry too. We’ll see you there!”

Tickets are on sale now, and you can nominate your champions for our IRL Awards too, all at irl-event.com.

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Seth Barton is the editor of MCV – which covers every aspect of the industry: development, publishing, marketing and much more. Before that Seth toiled in games retail at Electronics Boutique, studied film at university, published console and PC games for the BBC, and spent many years working in tech journalism. Living in South East London, he divides his little free time between board games, video games, beer and family. You can find him tweeting @sethbarton1.

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