Abortion Bus highlights the lengths Texans have to travel to end a pregnancy with fundraising livestream

Brian Moore, the creator of 2016’s The Voter Suppression Trail, has led the development of another activism video game.

The game, titled “Abortion Bus”, takes 23 hours of non-stop driving to complete, and puts further spotlight on just how far pregnant Texans have to travel (around 1,500 miles) should they want to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Inspired by both the game Desert Bus and the Desert Bus for Hope charity fundraiser event that followed, Abortion Bus has also been used to raise money for Fund Texas Choice, a non-profit organization that pays for Texans’ travel to abortion clinics in other areas in compliance with the laws in the United States.

A livestream was held last week at abortionbus.org between November 3, 2022 and November 4, 2022. It raised over $33,000 USD (around £28,105 GBP) for the charity. The game also is free to download and play, and the website encourages people to hold further fundraising events of their own.

“Your zip code shouldn’t determine your access to healthcare, but Texas lawmakers argue the opposite. Politicians shouldn’t be able to play legal ping-pong with procedural issues and diminish our constitutional rights. Abortion and practical support funds shouldn’t have to fill in the gap for Texans to access the basic healthcare that every person deserves … but we do, all the time.” said Anna Rupani, executive director at Fund Texas Choice. “No one should be prevented from accessing abortion care because of where they live or how much money they have.”

“Lives are at risk. Not just in Texas, but everywhere in the United States. Texas has the distinction of having the longest travel (23 hour round trip drives!), so we targeted them to try and make an immediate impact. Fund Texas Choice specifically helps pregnant Texans and we couldn’t be more excited to be supporting FTC and giving them the money and attention they deserve.” said developer Brian Moore. “People don’t talk about abortion nearly enough, so my hope is to raise as much money and awareness as possible to make it clear, even from my perspective as a man: every person’s  body is solely their choice. Everyone should be agreeing with and supporting a the right to an abortion, full stop.”

If you’d also like to donate money to Fund Texas Choice, you can do so here.

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