Accessories Update: PDP Afterglow Anka headset and Datel Amiibo PowerSaves

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, we examinePDP’s new glowing headset for Xbox One and power up our Amiibo with Datel’s latest Action Replay

Afterglow Anka Wireless Headset for Xbox One

Hot on the heels of its Kral wireless headset for PS4, PDP has revealed the Anka for Xbox One.

The accessories specialist claims that the Anka is the first fully wireless headset released for Microsoft’s machine.

The peripheral connects via an included USB transmitter, which also supports PC and Mac. Up to 100 feet of wireless range can be achieved while using the headset.

The dongle is additionally plug and play compatible, meaning no extra drivers are required.

Two different audio modes are available, and can be selected by the user by pressing the ‘Mode’ button integrated into the Anka’s left earcup. Bass Boost increases the presence of low frequency sounds, while Pure Audio increases accuracy of noises, boosting clarity and realism.

In addition, the headset also includes controls for master volume and instant self-muting, which disables the built-in microphone while chatting online.

The microphone is retractable when not in use, and features noise cancelling to increase the clarity of the user’s voice while speaking and decrease distortion.

The Anka offers up to 16 hours of life on a single battery charge, or can be optionally connected using the included play and charge cable to provide uninterrupted use.

RRP: 99.99

Release Date: August 28th

Distributor: Exertis

Contact: 01279 822 822

Amiibo Action Replay Powersaves

With Nintendo’s toys-to-life Amiibo continuing to sell out at a rapid pace, Datel hopes that its latest Action Replay product will prove highly popular with fans.

PowerSaves allows Nintendo players to enhance their Amiibo. By placing the figurines on the included PowerSaves platform, the system will then automatically recognise the characters.

A number of power-ups and extra abilities can then be selected and applied from a list of hundreds of different profiles.

Players then hit the ‘boost’ key to make the augmented Amiibo ready to be used.

The software lets gamers back up their Amiibo saves, securing them against the risk of losing data. The recovered information can be restored within seconds.

Extra Amiibo saves and improvements can be added by going online and retrieving them for free, after connecting the platform to a PC via the included USB cable.

RRP: 23.99

Release Date: Out Now

Distributor: Datel


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