Activision corrects Xbox Live user number error

Publisher Activision has had to correct one of the stats it released following the huge success of Modern warfare 3.

The company had claimed that the game set a new concurrent Xbox Live user record of 3.3m gamers.But in actual fact the 3.3m figure referred to the total number of gamers who played the game online in a single day.

It’s still a new record, incidentally, beating the 2.6m record held by predecessor Call of Duty: Black Ops.

And lest we forget the list of stats that Activision correctly released.

Modern Warfare set an all-time entertainment launch record, grossing over $775m worldwide. It has been confirmed as the best-selling game launch at each of the US’ top five games retailers. Predecessor Black Ops sold $650m in its first five days and Modern Warfare 2 $550m.

To date the Call of Duty series has now amassed lifetime sales of $6bn worldwide.

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