Activision is bringing the ‘full’ Skylanders Trap Team game to tablets

This year’s Skylanders game is coming to tablets… the exact same version that launches on consoles.

It’s a big move from Activision. The kids gaming audience has split since the days of Wii and DS. Some are on Xbox 360 and PS3, many are playing online, some are still on Wii.

But the real growth area for the kids games sector is in the mobile and tablet space, which means making a full version of Skylanders: Trap Team on these devices is a commercially intelligent move.

It is even coming to retail. Fans can get a Starter Pack, which includes a Bluetooth Skylanders game controller and a tablet-specific portal (or rather, Traptanium Portal, as they are calling it this year), which lets gamers bring their ‘toys to life’ in the title.

Gamers don’t have to use the controller, of course. It works fine with touch controls. All 175 characters are available to play. There will also be two digital characters (and traps) gamers can play as, if they don’t want to purchase the fancy plastic toys.

The game will arrive on October 10th – the same day as the console versions. Visually, the title looks comparable to last-generation software (so the PS4 and Xbox One versions still look most impressive, unsurprisingly).

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