Afreeca Freecs and CJ Entus release LoL rosters

Both Afreeca Freecs and CJ Entus have released their League of Legends teams after disappointing years.

CJ Entus have released all nine of their players while all five of Afreeca Freecs’ players have also been let go. 

The former CJ Entus roster consisted of Mingi "MadLife" Hong, Sangmyeon "Shy" Park, Uijin "Untara" Park, Junhyeong "Bubbling" Park, Minseung "Haru" Kang, Boseong "Bdd" Kwak, Haneul "Sky" Kim, Jonghun "Kramer" Ha and Yongjun "Ghost" Jang. During the 2016 season the team was relegated from the LCK after losing out ESC Ever in the relegation tournament. There is no news on what CJ Entus plans to do roster wise next year. 

Afreeca Freecs on the other hand had a slightly better year, finishing fifth in both Spring and Summer. However this was not enough for the team to stick together with all players now being released. The former Afreeca Freecs roster consisted of Heo "Lindarang" Man-heung, Yoon "SeongHwan" Seong-hwan, Son "Mickey" Young-min, Gwon "Sangyoon" Sang-yun and No "SnowFlower" Hoi-jong. 

This is the latest development in the on going major Korean LoL shuffle. SKT have signed Peanut after the ROX Tigers Disbanded and the world champions released Bengi. 

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