Airbus sponsors League of Legends team Out Of The Blue, probably

Image credit: Clément Alloing

Airbus, a european company that designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aircraft, has unexpectedly returned to esports, announcing their sponsorship of new League of Legends team Out Of The Blue.

There’s no information on the sponsorship and what that entails yet, as the news broke on Friday when Airbus’ careers twitter tweeted out: “proud to announce that #Airbus enters #Esport world by sponsoring “Out Of The Blue” the new professional team of @LeagueOfLegends #lol”

Yesterday, a video went public announcing “Airbus is ready to catch the future” announcing that Airbus is sponsoring an EU LCS team. This seems to indicate that either they’ve bought an EU LCS slot from an existing team, which usually runs to around 2m for the slot, let alone paying staff and buying equipment. It could also mean that the EU LCS is expanding however after Riot recently cancelled their plans to reshuffle the EU LCS, an expansion announcement would be a surprise.

It’s also possible that Airbus is joining the EU Challenger Series, which is the level below the LCS and feeds into the competition. Many branded teams are in this league, fighting for a chance to brawl in the LCS.

However, those anticipating a heavy investment from the aircraft giant should note the lack of any real announcement, with information so far coming from Airbus’ careers page and a short video that’s heavy on style, but light on substance.

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